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Get paid to craft. You heard me.

Book a private event by the end of June and earn $5 for every new client who signs up for your event. We’re set up for 22 people per class. Fill a class and make a cool $110! We’ve only been open for a few weeks, so pretty much any friend or co-worker you invite is bound to be a new client to us. That will more than pay for your project and leave you with some bonus cash. Raise some money for a pet cause, or for a new pair of cute summer shoes. (We won’t tell anyone!)

“How do I do it?” I hear you asking … Call us at 512-961-6101 or email, and we’ll arrange a time for your private event and add it to our calendar. Then your invitees simply go to, pick the project they want to make, and choose your private event time from the calendar. It’s that easy. June is flying by, so book a private event to kick your summer off right at the coolest new place in Austin! BYOB.

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