Making Some Changes

When things return to a “New Normal” in a couple of months(??), Austin Craft Lounge will have a new normal too!

Structural Changes – As we write this, we’re adding a brand new front entrance. Our new studio will be a smaller space, with room for classes up to 10-12 people. No worries tho, the entire area will still be accessable for larger parties. 

Digital Changes – You may notice the website looks different? We have updated it to a platform that performs more seamlessly on mobile devices, and we continue to strive for the best user experience we’re able to provide. 

Product Changes – We’re adding plants into the mix! Check the website for new projects  incorporating succulents! 

We hope you are enjoying a slower pace and time at home as you’re able. We are doing the same, but also moving forward here (with social distancing and lots of disinfectant) so we will be ready for your return. Here’s to hoping that happens sooner than later, and until then, stay safe!